Designing Beautiful Websites for Wedding Professionals & Photographers

Your website is your first impression,

let’s make it a good one.

Does this sound like you?


The entrepreneur with shiny object syndrome - "I should be working on client work but ooohhh I need a website and I bet I could knock that out in a few hours, no problem! Plus I get to play around with pretty fonts and colors..."


The small business owner who has a website they threw together when they first started, but is starting to look for higher paying clients and needs a website they're proud to send potential clients to.


The boss babe who knows she needs a website, (her clients keep asking for her website to refer her) but she's super freakin' busy and how the heck is she supposed to find the time to get a website up and running?!

You need a web designer, pronto.
That's where i come in

Work With Me

Website Audit

Thinking about DIYing your website, but don't know where to start? Or, love your current site but want to make sure it's attracting & converting clients? Let me help.

Web Design

Custom WordPress websites for female entrepreneurs, small business owners, and creatives - just like you.


For the busy entrepreneur that doesn't have enough time to deal with the routine maintenance tasks- I got your back.

Hey Hey!

I’m Kelly, and I’m super freakin’ passionate about creating beautiful corners of the web. I love combining a feel good aesthetic with straight forward strategy, to give you a website that you not only love, but books more clients as well. I have a heart for working with wedding professionals after having my own Tuscan destination wedding of my dreams. Bringing the magic of weddings to a computer screen gives me all. the. feels. If you catch yourself sending your potential clients to your instagram rather than your website, and you feel like your corner of the internet doesn’t show off your talents like you know it could, I’m your girl.

Are we a good fit?

Kelly was perfection to work with! I now have the whole package with my website and blog. It's a perfect way to represent my brand, and I have received several referrals in just a couple weeks of going live! Her instincts are spot-on, and she's always highly prepared and professional while being so easy and fun to work with! I hope to work with her again and will refer people to her in a heartbeat!
Michelle Beers