The One Thing Your Website HAS To Have

When you think of the one thing, the most important thing, that your website has to have, what do you think of?

A pretty theme? Or, custom fonts? Or, maybe professional photos?

Those are all important elements of a good website, but the most important thing your website absolutely must have is a goal.

A lot of my clients come to me wanting a beautiful online brochure style website. One that exists just to show legitimacy and social proof. PSA: Your website can and should be so much more than that!

Instead of your website visitors just browsing, why not convert them into customers while they’re there?!

What Is The Goal?

So let’s talk about your website’s goal. (Other than to provide info about your biz.) For most service-based businesses, your goal is going to be for potential clients to contact you. Typically, visitors will do this in one of two ways: booking a call with you via a scheduler embedded on your website or filling out a contact form. Either is a viable option – go with the one that works best for your business.

How Clear Is The Goal?

Now that you’ve got your goal figured out, you need to make sure it’s clear – not only to you but to your site visitors as well. And when I say clear, I mean super freakin obvious. It may feel repetitive or obnoxious, but I promise it’s not. You’re making it easy for your visitor to know what they need to do next.

So, make that call to action button a bright color to separate it from the rest, and put it on every page (even multiple times!) of your website!

Is Your Goal Easy To Do?

The goal of your website needs to be wayyyyy easy for your visitors to accomplish. If the goal is to book a call with you, embed your scheduler right on your site (vs. leading them to an external site) so all they have to do is click one button! If it’s a contact form, make sure you’re not asking a billion and one questions right upfront and scaring them off.

People want quick and easy – give the people what they want! If it’s hard for your website visitors to find a way to contact you, or they’re overwhelmed by your longer-than-life contact form, they will click away.

Does your website have a goal that’s strategic, clear, and easy to accomplish? Pin this post to save for later when you’re planning out your goal for your site. A goal is absolutely the one thing your website must have in order to convert potential clients into customers.

Happy editing!

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