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Websites By Enneagram Type

…Because who doesn’t love the enneagram, right?! If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know that I am obsessed with personality tests, especially the enneagram. So I thought why not combine my two loves: web design and the enneagram! Keep reading to see websites by each Enneagram type.

Note: I do not claim to be an enneagram expert by any means! This is just for fun and based on my opinions and information from The Road Back To You.

Type One

Website is:

  • Literally perfect
  • Detail-oriented
  • Structured
  • Finished in a week or less

Type one is the perfectionist. When it comes to their website, it will be as perfect as it possibly can be. There’s no way their pesky inner critic would let it be anything but perfect. In addition, there will be fun little details that other types may not even notice or would never have thought of. Type ones will probably finish their website super fast because of their work ethic and self-discipline. 

Type Two

Website is:

  • Completely focused on their ideal clients (bonus points!!)
  • Barely mentions themselves 
  • Full of copy that makes you think they’re inside your head 
  • Filled with tons of free resources

Type two’s are the helpers. Their website will be totally focused on the needs + pain points of their ideal clients – this is exactly what all websites should do! They rarely focus on themselves so their about page will be almost impossible for them to write. Two’s absolutely love giving, so their website will have allllll the free goodies.

Type Three 

Website is:

  • Super persuasive 
  • Able to connect with all types of clients
  • Focused on highlighting their accomplishments
  • Performance-driven (win!)
  • Constantly changing

Type three is the performer. Three’s are workhorses, leaders, and very goal-oriented. They can become chameleons; they’re able to connect and win over all types of people. They love love love to be recognized for their accomplishments, so their website will display them front and center. A great thing about three’s is their dedication to their work – they are constantly working and as such, their website will be constantly updated and/or changed. As the performer, you can bet that they will want their website to perform just as well as they do. They will be the first to set up analytics and keep track of what’s working and what’s not, which is so so important!

Type Four

Website is:

  • Unique and unconventional
  • Full of emotion
  • Creative
  • Not afraid to be dark/melancholy

Type four – the Individualist. Four’s are the wandering souls of the world. Their website will be almost as unique as they are and they couldn’t be happier about that. The last thing they’d want is to be the same as someone else. Four’s have emotions that are equivalent to the depths of the ocean. Their website will be emotionally charged, tugging at the pain points of their ideal clients (bonus points!). They’re also some of the most creative individuals on the planet, so you can count on their website being aesthetically pleasing in an out-of-the-box type of way.

Type Five

Website is:

  • Sarcastic, in the best way
  • Logically designed
  • Informative
  • Concise

Type five is the investigator. They are self-sufficient and a wealth of knowledge. As natural researchers and seekers of new information, their website will be super informative, but concise (absolutely no frills); they definitely aren’t talkers. Fives are logic-driven, so their website will be designed with that in mind. You’ll also find bits of witty sarcasm + random facts sprinkled throughout, making their website smart and sassy. 

Type Six

Website is:

  • Prepared for a worst-case scenario
  • Funny
  • Always changing
  • Able to speak to clients negative perspectives 
  • Well organized

Sixes are the loyalists and/or skeptics. Always planning for the worst, their website will be set to run back-ups regularly and frequently, which is an absolute necessity that a lot of people forget about. Their website copy will be friendly and funny which attracts a loyal following. Because of six’s indecisiveness, their website will always be changing and evolving. As a bit of a pessimist, this type is able to speak directly to their client’s negative perspectives and problems, which is extremely helpful.  

Type Seven

Website is:

  • Lighthearted 
  • Colorful
  • Full of the latest trends
  • Fun and entertaining
  • Hard to finish

Seven’s are the enthusiasts!!! (See what I did there? As a 7 myself, it’s hard to control my urge to use an exclamation mark in every sentence) They are adventurous, optimistic, and spontaneous. Their websites are sure to be colorful and full of life. Not one for serious topics, their website will be very lighthearted + positive. They’re always up for trying new things, so their websites are likely filled with the latest trends or their newest idea. But as commitment-phobes, they will have a hard time committing to only one look/style/feel, so it will be hard to actually finish their site. Plus, they’ve probably already moved on to their next big idea!

Type Eight

Website is:

  • Blunt and to the point
  • Not afraid to call you out
  • Unemotional
  • Extremely witty
  • Finished in a day

The challenger. Type eights naturally command respect, welcome opposition, and have a tough exterior. Their websites will be blunt and straight to the point. They’re not afraid to call you out on what you’re doing wrong and how they can help you fix it, which is an awesome tactic that makes their ideal client feel very understood. Eight’s are all business – they don’t believe in emotional nonsense and you definitely won’t find any fluff on their site. Instead, you can expect professional language with a sprinkle of sharp wit. Intelligently designed and efficiently done, they are likely to finish their site in just a day because of their decisiveness and the fact that they don’t do anything halfway. 

Type Nine

Website is:

  • Peaceful
  • Goes-with-the-flow
  • Transparent
  • Humble
  • Hard to finish

Ahhhh, the peacemaker. The happy-go-lucky crowd-pleasers. They’re content to just go along with what everyone else would like to do. So when it comes to their website, they approach it with a go-with-the-flow attitude of whatever the designer or template says to do. They definitely don’t consider themselves important, so their website will be very humble with not a lot of focus on themselves or their achievements. It could also be hard for them to actually finish the site, considering peacemakers are expert procrastinators.

I’d love to connect with you over on Instagram! Comment on this post on IG and tell me your number and if your website by enneagram type is accurate, or not! Again, this is just for fun, but I’d love to know your enneagram number, myers-briggs type, harry potter house, all of it!!

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